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Security Lighting

 Security light with passive infra red sensor  

The traditional image of security lighting is the floodlight that uses a passive infra red to turn on the light if movement is detected. This is a system that does work very well but can have many problems with false activations caused by animals or wind. Also the actual cost of electricity used to illuminate the light is very high compared to other types of security lighting that are available.

Our personal preference is a low energy type light that comes on at dusk as the light fades and stays on throughout the night until it begins to become light again in the morning. We feel there are many more advantages to this type of security lighting and just from a cost of electricity used is a much cheaper option over the longer term. There is also a lot less chance of someone approaching a property that is already illuminated than one that is in darkness.

There are also security lighting systems available that will sound a buzzer inside and light up a warning LED on a control panel to let you know which sensor is detecting movement, this can be operational 24 hours a day and will not illuminate the lighting during the daytime.

We understand that every property is different and that everybody has their own view on what they would like and how they would like it to work so we would always try and visit a property to see what would be the best type of lighting for that particular installation.

We will never give you a hard sell, just honest down to earth advice and a very competitive price.

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Client Comments:

"So pleased with my new burglar alarm. Very easy to use and the work you carried out was so neat and tidy. I have been showing it to all my friends."

"The wireless alarm that you installed is just fabulous. I was so worried about the mess and if I would be able to work it. I was worried about nothing on both counts and am so glad that we decided to have the system installed." 

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for the clean and efficient job you made of installing our burglar alarm. We have passed on your details to all our friends."