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Wired Security Alarm Systems

 Optima digital alarm control panel  Passive infra red detector Accenta remote LCD keypad burglar alarm panel  External burglar alarm sounder 

This is the traditional security alarm system installation that connects all the detection and sounding devices back to the control panel via low voltage cables.

Depending on the building layout and building materials used cables can usually be hidden from view. However there will always be bits of cable that cannot be fully hidden and the installation will cause some disruption whilst the cables are run. Usually this will only be for a day and on completion you would never know we had been.

The fully wired burglar alarm systems are usually the cheapest option for both the installation and on going running costs as there are no detector or sounder batteries to be replaced as they run down. If shock detectors are to be fitted to the perimiter windows and doors though we would suggest that the extra cost of a hybrid wireless burglar alarm system would be justified in both the installation costs and the neatness of the finish. 

 A Typical Starter Wired Alarm System

  • 8 Zone Digital control panel with integrated keypad 
  • Battery back up in the event of a power outage
  • Low profile external sounder unit with battery back up
  • Magnetic door contact to the main entry door
  • 2 x Passive infra red movement detectors
  • (or 2 x vibration detectors in place of PIRs)
  • Dummy low profile external sounder unit to rear
  • Internal panel mounted sounder

All the above supplied and fitted in your home for just


£350 for the LCD remote keypad version

(All our work has a 12 month parts and labour guarantee)


Client Comments:

"So pleased with my new burglar alarm. Very easy to use and the work you carried out was so neat and tidy. I have been showing it to all my friends."

"The wireless alarm that you installed is just fabulous. I was so worried about the mess and if I would be able to work it. I was worried about nothing on both counts and am so glad that we decided to have the system installed." 

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for the clean and efficient job you made of installing our burglar alarm. We have passed on your details to all our friends."