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Wireless Security Alarm Systems

These days the installation of an alarm system doesn't mean that the whole house needs to be disrupted. If you decide to have a wireless alarm system it can be installed in less time and without the mess and upheaval of a traditional wired system.

Wireless burglar alarm systems can be broken down into two types :-

Hybrid wireless alarm systems that allows the detectors to be wireless and the external sounder unit and alarm panel keypad to be hard wired. Wireless detectors can also be added to existing wired alarm systems to allow quick and easy upgrades.

Fully Wireless Security Alarm Systems

These can be broken down again into two different systems:-

The budget wireless alarm system that is a 'bells only' self contained system within the property that will rely on neighbours taking an interest if the alarm is activated or

The high end wireless alarm system that can be controlled from your smart phone or any internet connected device worldwide and can include video verification of any alarm activations and has a massive range of detector types available.

As the technology is more expensive than the hard wired equivalent, the cost of installing a wireless system is more expensive. However if you are having the perimeter protected and having vibration detectors fitted to the windows, to detect a would be burglar before they gain entry, then the finished result using a wireless system is more than worth the small increase in cost. Using the traditional method means wires being clipped around window frames and down walls; with a wireless security alarm there are no wires!

As all alarm installations are different and peoples needs differ from property to property we offer a FREE no obligation survey and quote for your home. We will never put you under any pressure to buy and are happy to advise on all aspects of home security.

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Client Comments:

"So pleased with my new burglar alarm. Very easy to use and the work you carried out was so neat and tidy. I have been showing it to all my friends."

"The wireless alarm that you installed is just fabulous. I was so worried about the mess and if I would be able to work it. I was worried about nothing on both counts and am so glad that we decided to have the system installed." 

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for the clean and efficient job you made of installing our burglar alarm. We have passed on your details to all our friends."